Terms and Conditions

1. Our service

This site is a hotel price comparison search engine that aggregates and combines hotel prices around the globe from over 30 of the top hotel booking sites, providing the service of hotel search and price comparison for it's users. It should be noted however that actual bookings happen from the selected site from the list, outside of 7ojozat.com, and without any link or responsibility towards 7ojozat.com. All further communications and questions regarding the booking should go through the selected site from the list. Since the customer satisfaction is the only way to make real business, best effort have been put to provide as accurate as possible information about the hotels, rates, and room availabilities. However, we do not guarantee always that the information we have is the latest up-to-date, as it takes time to index all hotel sites, and thus we cannot be held responsible for any wrong details. User should always double check all the details from the hotel booking site again.

2. Privacy Policy

All customer interactions, reservations, and personal information are highly respected and kept private from any third party. Under no circumstances we will be welling to give away the customer personal information.

3. Disclaimer

7ojozat.com service is based on the information provided by the hotels, including the hotel information, room rates, and availability. We thus cannot guarantee the correctness of that information, and in case of any error, we cannot be held responsible for it. Before booking on any hotel, you should always double check on the hotel information provided.